Theatre (Partial)

#SELFIE                                                #SELFIE Women’s Conference     Gina Stickley

DIXIE SWIM CLUB                               Manhattan Beach Theater              Jack Messinger

NIGHT AT THE NATIVITY                  LA International Church                Gina Stickley

SYLVIA - Kate                                       Surf City Theater                          Margaret Schugt     

AND THEN THERE WERE NUN            Torrance Theatre Company           Margaret Schugt                        

DIXIE SWIM CLUB                Torrance Theatre Company                                   Gia Inferrera

BUNBURY                                                Long Beach Playhouse                     Robert Craig

2nd SUNDAY IN MAY                             Newport Theatre                           Caprice Spencer

SYLVIA - Kate                             Long Beach Playhouse                    Greg Cohen                                                                

MUSIC MAN                   Sante Fe Springs Playhouse                                   Allan Hunt

LIMBO LOUNGE-Gloria Swanson          Petroleum Company                         Dori Weiss

Touring and Reporatory Companie (Partial)

RESONANCE (Current)                         Vocal Ensemble                                         

NASHVILLE LIVE                                  Opryland Stage                               Sarah Reed & Laura Gregory

KILLER ENTERTAINMENT                   Murder Mystery                             Mike McKay

COMEDY UNDERGROUND                  Improv Ensemble                            Tom Schnenke                                          

KINGS COURT PLAYERS                       Children’s Theater                     

GANG ON THE RUN                               Educational Theater