An actress of film, television and stage -- Ann's career spans 20 years. She not only acts, she also creates and showcases her own stand-up comedy routines. Her most notable character is "Harriet of Beverly Hills," a loveable, bus-riding senior citizen who "tells it like it is!" Watch for her newest stand-up show "Momedy©", where 'hair-raising stories' about the adventures of motherhood are interwoven with the wild-ride of raising her own two children, Andy and Alicia.

Ann's most recent film credit is as the starring female lead character "Felice Quick" in the independent feature film Rogues. Log line: The result of an old CIA mind-control experiment gone bad, multiple-personality Felice Quick is on the loose and headed for junior high-school choir teacher Sam Blacker. While the crazy Felice eventually convinces Sam that she's his long-lost and thought-to-be-dead sister, she doesn't convince him that the FBI is after Sam for past crimes. Under the pressure of her psychological assaults and mind-games, Sam's peaceful afternoon turns into a soul-shattering night. The threads of child abuse and old murders weave a tapestry of mystery that are brought to light in a shocking conclusion. Ann originally played the role of Felice Quick in the staged reading of the play Sisterly Love, the basis for the film Rogues.

Ann's other film and television credits include Are You Lonesome Tonight, The Day After, Plans, The Young and the Restless, Capitol and Archie Bunker?s Place. Some of her stage credits include: Annie Get Your Gun, Sisterly Love, As Is, Funny Girl, and The Music Man. She's also spent time in theater companies such as the King's Court Players Repertory Children's Theater and Gang on the Run, an anti-violence educational theater for high school students. Ann has also appeared in numerous commercials.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Ann started her career fresh out of high school and toured nationally with the renowned musical show Up With People. This is where Ann first gained a true appreciation for live performance under many circumstances. Ann continued her performing career in local community theaters, and as co-host of numerous news magazine and cooking shows.

Ann eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue her film acting career. While accepting bit parts on daytime dramas and television shows, Ann worked as an NBC page and then as a tour guide at Universal Studios. She soon found singing telegrams as a more lucrative means to bridge the financial gap between the acting jobs. Ann has a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in theater arts. Ann works full-time on her acting career and her true passion remains film work. As Ann says, "This is where I can have the greatest impact." See Ann's interview with the Women's Voice in the Publicity section.