The independent feature film Rogues, in which Ann has the starring female role, screened in four film festivals: at the DancesWithFilm Festival; at the Palm Beach International Film Festival; at the IFCT; and at the Sedona International Film Festival.


Ann is currently in a national commerical for Lockheed Martin. As a Marine Corps Major, Ann is ready for battle in her fatigues and no-nonsense attitude.Her finger hovers over the "button" as she and the other officers man the surveillance satellites.


Be sure to check out her section. Harriet continues "working the rooms" of many award ceremonies, conventions and meetings where she provides a needed dose of levity to the ordinarily serious agendas.



An actress of film, television and stage, Ann's career spans over 25 years. Ann also writes and performs her own stand-up comedy, most noted for her flamboyant character, "Harriet of Beverly Hills" as well as "Momedy."

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aNN'S Work 

Ann has credits in stage, film, comedy, commercials and television. See her resume to find her acting credits as well as some special skills she has to add to her career.

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